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Drawing parallels between maritime law and space law

Helen draws parallels between maritime law and space law and gives a detailed perspective on the space law landscape. She also talks about how established and emerging space actors approach space policy and space sustainability differently. Helen shares her vision of newspace in the next few decades and how startups from across the world are changing the space landscape. She also talks about the opportunities offered by UAE for engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and other professionals. Having a space law degree is surprisingly not the biggest pre-requisite to kick-start a career in space law!

Ground segment of space missions from a software perspective

Vanessa talks about the ground operations and ground processing aspects of space missions. Having worked at both ESA and NASA, and also with the American private space industry, she shares insights on how space missions are dealt with differently in all these places. Vanesa also highlights the importance of knowing scripting languages when working in an engineering environment. Software developers looking to get into space, do listen in for some great advice!

How space policy is done

Stephanie talks about space policy and shares insights into how it is done differently across the world drawing from her experiences in multiple geographies and with several government organisations and private institutions.

How headhunting works in the space industry

Seyka with her background in psychology and Brian with his background in aerospace engineering bring their unique experiences to headhunting for newspace companies in the US. Given her experience in talent acquisition, Seyka shares insights on the team-building process and how it is similar (or different!) for newspace. Having been an engineer with SpaceX, Brian offers valuable advice to professionals looking for opportunities. While space is ITAR restricted in the US, areas such as autonomous drones and vertical take-off have a talent overlap with space and make great alternatives!

Astronaut's perspective on the role of art in space

As a veteran NASA astronaut and an artist who promotes space-themed art therapy, Nicole Stott shares her perspective on how art in various forms can play a major role in solving current-day problems in space and in the future of space exploration. Just as she was always mindful about the well-being of her crewmates on the ISS in terms of their oxygen supply, food, and clean water, she believes humanity can also make our world a better place for everyone by perceiving Earth as one giant spaceship and regarding all humans as crewmates.

How Venture Capital works in the space industry

Lindsey shares a VC fund's perspective on space startups and how one's network helps in identifying a startup with potential and in gaining insights into its future to place the right bets. She talks about the various players involved in the VC ecosystem and their partnerships.

Life as a space engineer at NASA JPL

Having previously worked at SpaceX and now with NASA JPL, Heather shares insights on how space is done differently at a research lab and in the industry. She talks about her work on the Perseverance rover and her life at JPL as a systems engineer. Given its location in Los Angeles, JPL apparently attracts talent from Hollywood! No wonder they have such amazing visuals for all missions and excellent outreach programs.

Exploring space archeology with Dr Space Junk

Alice takes us through the fascinating world of space archeology while sharing stories on how everyday objects that we take for granted, such as cable ties, can convey so many undocumented details about space missions. From the spherical satellites of the Sputnik era to the current cuboidal shapes, she explains how technology decisions can steer the space exploration journey of humankind.

Astronomer's perspective on space debris, sci-fi and the drake equation

Jonathan is one of the few astronomers in the world who painstakingly tracks boring satellites and space debris unlike most astronomers who ignore them as noise. He shares fascinating insights on how astronomy has evolved in the last three decades and where it is headed. He gives novel insights on the space debris problem and how current challenges can be addressed. He talks about space sci-fi and the drake equation. And lots of other exciting things space!

Building AI-powered remote sensing solutions gets accelerated with domain expertise

Juan shares his experience of building an AI-powered satellite remote sensing solution for maritime applications with a team of domain experts formerly with the Spanish Coast Guard. He talks about the challenges faced in making a business case and the importance of domain expertise in building space-based solutions for terrestrial applications.

How space architects design human habitats for Moon and beyond

Barbara gives an architect's perspective on designing human habitats in space. Acquire an interdisciplinary skill set to navigate this fascinating realm of building whole worlds in space!

On-orbit servicing will be the next giant leap

Carolyn talks about the complexity of the space debris problem and how on-orbit servicing is going to create jobs that would thrill space sci-fi aficionados!

Making a career in the space industry with non-tech background

Juliane shares her unique experience of navigating the space scene with a background in Psychology. She elaborates on how individuals from diverse backgrounds are required for the space industry and how they can carve a niche for themselves even without a technical background. Diversity inspires us all to collectively make better decisions.

Scope for innovation in the earth observation domain

Christian shares insights on building a satellite company and talks about the ample scope for innovation in the earth observation domain. An engineering or science degree is definitely great to have but apparently one can also thrive here without one!

Space traffic management as a service

Kristina talks about offering space traffic management as a service to satellite operators

How satellites help monitor forest fires and gas flares

Agnieszka shares insights into how satellite imagery is used to monitor gas flares and forest fires.

How system engineers help send humans to space

Antonella talks about human spaceflight missions and the role of a systems engineer in space missions