The incredibly offbeat career trajectory of a space consultant & analyst

Omkar Nikam is the founder of Access Hub, a space technology, defense, and security research and analysis firm with a global coverage and special emphasis on Europe. Omkar is also a free-lance consultant and analyst and writes extensively around space applications for defense and international security. He is also the host of the Space, Defence, & Security podcast.

Omkar's career trajectory is testament to the fact that imagination is the only limit in carving out a niche for oneself in the space industry. He shares delightful insights into his journey from remote sensing & astronomy to security & strategy while gaining experience in technical writing, journalism, economics and space law/policy along the way. Omkar also talks about landing consulting opportunities around Europe and across the world. He believes in taking a multi-disciplinary approach to space and is currently also writing a space SciFi novel from a defence and security perspective!